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Claude Zellweger

Vice President of Design

San Francisco






      Claude Zellweger, vice president of design at HTC & speaker at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2016



“It’s inspiring to see the Swiss and Californian entrepreneurial spirits come together in this most energizing setting.” 



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Immaculate design & virtual reality


Visionary designer

Innovating virtual reality with the HTC Vive


Nike, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Sony turn to Claude to lead their branding and design

Played a central role in turning HTC into a global design powerhouse

Thrives on designing products that intend to change the way we behave


Designed the virtual reality device, HTC vive

Pulls virtual worlds off the computer screen and into your home

Allows users to experience sights and sounds as vivid & lifelike





Claude's virtual reality project, the HTC Vive


Tech Talks interview with Claude Zellweger


Claude Zellweger on HTC's designs


One & Co.




Claude Zellweger

Claude at HTC


Claude with his sketches for HTC


Claude sketching at HTC with a colleague


Claude with HTC sketches


Claude's design, the HTC Vive










Claude Zellweger is VP of design at HTC and oversees the design of the acclaimed HTC One smartphones as well as HTC’s emerging devices, most notably the industry defining VR system, the HTC Vive.

Claude joined One & Co. as Partner and Creative Director in 2001, and helped to grow the firm to become one of the Bay Area’s dominant design forces. Industry leaders like Nike, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Sony turned to him to lead the development of their branding and design. In 2008 HTC acquired One & Co and its international team of innovators. As HTC’s creative director Claude played a central role in turning the brand into a global design powerhouse.

Claude, who was born in Switzerland, believes that by making the complex simple, the designer is able to provide relief for tension. This point of view developed during Claude’s work for Silicon Valley firms IDEO and Pentagram Design. Claude has a degree in industrial design from Art Center College of Design. He is a regular lecturer and design spokesperson for HTC and currently lives in San Francisco. 

Claude thrives on designing products that intend to change the way we behave. It is at that junction of human nature, technology and culture that the spark of creativity is the strongest and our sensibility is most critical. More than a decade of close proximity to Silicon Valley have fostered in him a great passion for technology and an inquisitive mindset that comes with a willingness to make mistakes on the way to generating groundbreaking ideas. 

Meaningful products must resonate with the customer on a personal level. Claude sees the role of the designer as anticipating the new and increasingly sophisticated fictional architecture of our desires. Research is important but when it comes time to put pen to paper the designer must try to forget everything and trust his informed intuition. Throughout the entire design process Claude carefully weighs the purity of the design intent against the needs of the customer, cultural relevance and the complex nature of advanced manufacturing. 

Claude believes that design must never stand in the way of the purest of experiences. His Swiss upbringing has deeply engrained in him a desire to arrive at the most simple and sometimes obvious of solutions. Good design must appear effortless but good ideas fall apart over the smallest of details, especially when pursuing a minimalist path. 

Claude’s role at One & Co was as much a creative leader as it was culture builder. Along with his two colleagues he assembled a team of 28 designers and engineers with a focus on personality and talent, not just pure skills and work ethic. Claude was instrumental in fostering an environment where each individual's differences are celebrated but where everyone is held accountable to the same high level of execution. Working within HTC taught him how to build a design driven culture and to think beyond design into areas of product marketing, planning and advertising. His most innovative and effective work has been the product of close working relationships within the business units. They allow his to have a clear understanding of everyone’s vision and values and anticipate every step towards commercial success.