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Zurich January 29TH 2016 


Join us for the creation of an open and neutral platform to discuss the vast and dynamic potential of financial technology. The WORLDWEBFORUM/FinTech covers the increasing diversity of the FinTech industry, by encouraging the exchange among different business cultures and including both the B2B and B2C aspects.

With WORLDWEBFORUM/FinTech, we want to realize synergies among different parties of fastly transforming industry and provide opportunities to develop new business. Therefore, leading FinTech entrepreneurs and experts are invited to present their insights in interactive keynotes and best cases, followed by more extensive panel discussions. Besides the B2B and B2C panels, a regulatory panel addresses the crucial challenges and limitations of the financial technology business and places it in an international context.


WORLDWEBFORUM/FinTech wants to inspire and surprise, encourage interaction, and create a new point of you on existing and futures frameworks.


Bringing together what belongs together

Creating a neutral platform for the global FinTech industry and facilitating the exchange between FinTech startups and international accelerators & experts.


Inspire Innovation with Impact

Turning excellent ideas into successful business. Provide startups with insights from experienced venture capitalists or success stories from global FinTech entrepreneurs.


Promote the global FinTech scene

Raising awareness for finance-related topics and providing a unique environment for brilliant minds building a fast growing FinTech industry.



A simple but powerful concept hatched by beecom CEO Fabian Hediger, the first WORLDWEBFORUM started out small: We wanted to create a platform that grants access to international innovation leaders.

The 2016 edition of the WORLDWEBFORUM will be our fourth, and is supervised by a nine-headed team, aimed at attracting excellent speakers, defining exciting topics, and creating a unique experience for our participants.

Further information about the WORLDWEBFORUM Team...  

Strategic Board


Innovation thrives not only on new ideas but also on longstanding experience. The strategic board of the WORLDWEBFORUM is composed of top Swiss business leaders who share our vision of digitally transformed Swiss business world and society.

Marc Walder

CEO Ringier



Ivo Furrer

CEO Swiss Life

„Digital Transformation is a crucial topic for Swiss Life and myself. We focus on combining personal and digital advice to realize our omni-channel approach. Therefore, we are strongly committed to contribute to the DigitalZurich2020 initiatives and within this scope as well to support the WOLRDWEBFORUM in its mission of bringing an innovative and digital entrepreneurial spirit to Switzerland.”



Susanne Ruoff

CEO Swiss Post

"The digital transformation is changing our markets at a breakneck speed. The ever increasing pace of innovation is a challenge for Swiss Post but also offers a host of new business opportunities. The WORLDWEBFORUM is a great means to discuss ideas and approaches on how to shape our future together."



Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler

Head of SME division at Swisscom

"As a pioneer of the digitalization in Switzerland, we share the mission of WORLDWEBFORUM to anchor the digitally converting in the Swiss corporate landscape and society." - Urs Schäppi, CEO Swisscom




Pierin Vincenz

Director of the Board

"The WORLDWEBFORUM is a unique platform for sharing new, creative, and unconventional ideas and dreams. We believe in the idea of creating a new, more open mindest towards digital (business) culture.“



Fabian Hediger




Jan Schoch, Founding Partner & CEO Leonteq - Patron of the

"The digital revolution of the financial industry is in full swing and will change client experience and processes forever. We at Leonteq have been pioneering the FinTech space with cutting-edge B2B technology, new levels of automation and transparency, from Zurich, one of the leading financial hubs in Europe, into the world. Swiss talent and entrepreneurship have great potential to drive FinTech innovation in both B2B and B2C. The WORLDWEBFORUM/FinTech will play a key role in bringing together the world’s most innovative FinTech players and stakeholders and combining fresh thinking with hands- on experience and transforming vision into action."



  • The WORLDWEBFORUM beecom AG is an independent, private-owned corporation. With the brand WORLDWEBFORUM, the WORLDWEBFORUM beecom AG is an open platform promoting the digital transformation in Switzerland.

  • Throughout the year, WORLDWEBFORUM beecom AG organizes a series of events covering relevant trends around digitalization, inviting leading experts in their fields, and hereby creating a unique and inspiring experience for its audience.

  • The WORLDWEBFORUM beecom AG organizes three different types of events:

    • The WORLDWEBFORUM main event as the leading Swiss business conference, covering topics such as digital transformation and leadership, is hosted on an annual basis. The WORLDWEBFORUM main event reaches over 600 Swiss and international C-Levels & Top Managers every year.

    • The WORLDWEBFORUM/Satellites are directly organized by WORLDWEBFORUM beecom AG and capture the idea of the main event on a smaller scale. By engaging with specific target groups and important digital topics, the WORLDWEBFORUM/Satellites complement the WORLDWEBFORUM as an open and neutral platform.

    • The WORLDWEBFORUM official satellite events as a "franchise" concept introduce speakers and topics of the WORLDWEBFORUM main event to corporate customers and give them the opportunity to create an innovative and inspiring event for their employees & customers.

  • The WORLDWEBFORUM beecom AG is supported by a number of sponsorships by renown corporations who want to promote innovation and digital culture in Switzerland. Being an open and independent platform, the WORLDWEBFORUM does not permit industry exclusivity for sponsorships.

  • For the WORLDWEBFORUM/Satellites, sponsors have the exclusive opportunity to support the individual satellite event as a co-organizing sponsoring partner, if they are equipped with expertise in the specific topic covered by the satellite event. In this particular case, the partnership includes both sponsorship as well as cooperation contentwise.