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A world

Without energy

would be a dark world


"Our industry has the unique opportunity to develop the energy infrastructure and services according to the future customer needs. A close cooperation / partnership with the ICT-industry seems to be agreat way to suceed in the required transformation."

-  Kurt Lüscher, Co-Organizer WORLDWEBFORUM/Energy & CEO Energie 360° Zurich




Movers & Shakers


We combine the knowlege of long-established incumbents of the energy industry with the genius of upcoming businesses.


Learn from the best


We bring together experts from the ICT and power industries. The gathering of both, enables to create inventive solutions in order optimize our power consumtion and allocate the lean resources in the most efficient way.


Digital Energy


The get together of energy experts and digital masters delivers extensive synergies. Their combined expertise brings together the main topics of the future and showcases direct solutions how to care about energy in future times.



The WORLDWEBFORUM/Energy presents an exclusive conference

 150 invited key decision makers such as


                  • Leading experts of the energy industry

                  • Digital masters of the ICT sector

                  • Innovative smart energy startups

                  • Representatives of academia (R&D), politics government

get together in interactive sessions formed out of keynotes and panel discussions in order to mingle and impart their knowledge. The focus is on the three main issues of the energy sector: decarbonization, decentralisation and digitalization.

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